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The State of... Solid-State Drives

Everyone has heard of a Hard Drive. Its the object in your computer that stores all your data that we hold so dear to us. However, many of you may not know what a Solid-State Drive (SSD) is. A Solid State Drive is a new hard drive that has no moving parts, unlike our current hard drive. Soon they will be faster, more reliable, and did I mention faster? One of the common "bottlenecks" of a computer is the hard drive, so a faster one will certainly be sweet! Right now they are pretty expensive, but within a few years they should be a bit more reasonable.

Here is a great article on the low-down of SSDs, including their pros and cons at the moment.

I am excitedly awaiting their increase in speed and their decrease in cost.

/me does Mr. Burns' finger thingy



Take that, Pricey Mac!

<a href="" target="_new" title="Laptop Hunters $1000 &#8211; Lauren Gets an HP Pavilion">Video: Laptop Hunters $1000 &#8211; Lauren Gets an HP Pavilion</a>





Find Similar Images -

I discovered a great tool for finding similar images. TinEye is a web app that allows you to upload an image in order to find other images that are similar to it. This could be especially useful for image searches. They are also working on TinEye Mobile which will allow you to photograph something on your iPhone to get more information on it. The first application is with CDs, as seen in the video below. Try it out!



101 Free & Useful Websites

Check out this article in PC Magazine on 101 lesser known and free web sites. A lot of them are Google sites, of course.


More Cabling Chicanery

A few months ago Ty posted about the myths behind A/V cabling with a video demonstrating that a cheapo hdmi cable carries a signal as effectively as its more costly competition. To perpetuate this falsehood, several big box retailers were discovered to be comparing an hdmi connection to a composite connection, but claiming they were both hdmi connections. Months later this Fry's outlet was discovered to be doing the same thing. Buyer beware!