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The State of... Solid-State Drives

Everyone has heard of a Hard Drive. Its the object in your computer that stores all your data that we hold so dear to us. However, many of you may not know what a Solid-State Drive (SSD) is. A Solid State Drive is a new hard drive that has no moving parts, unlike our current hard drive. Soon they will be faster, more reliable, and did I mention faster? One of the common "bottlenecks" of a computer is the hard drive, so a faster one will certainly be sweet! Right now they are pretty expensive, but within a few years they should be a bit more reasonable.

Here is a great article on the low-down of SSDs, including their pros and cons at the moment.

I am excitedly awaiting their increase in speed and their decrease in cost.

/me does Mr. Burns' finger thingy


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