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iPod Protection

Courtesy of Jeff Russell.


Security Flaws in Web 2.0 Novelties

I found a recent article today on the security vulnerabilities in using two popular Web 2.0 technologies, Twitter, and Jott. I posted about Jott a while back, it is a web based voice to phone to email gateway app. Twitter is a web based app where you can update your current whereabouts and happenings in real time via web, email, or text messaging (sms). Both services use caller ID for verification and as you will see in the article, caller ID is easily spoofed creating a gaping security loophole. Read more.



10 Things You Must Do to Succeed in the Web Economy

As we are building out our interactive service offerings this article has incredible relevance.



2 Cool Links

A real live African Sahara webcam:

A great site for tracking air travel fare costs with recommendations on when to buy.


The internet revolution!

This video will tell you everything you want to know about all the interactive hype that has been happening.