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Google Distributes More Twice the Malware of Bing, Yahoo! and Twitter Combined

The most popular platforms are always targeted for malware and viruses. Google, as you all know, is the most popular search engine on the planet. Malicious links and software are often designed to come up most often in Google searches as well as in sponsored links. Barracuda Labs did a study on malware and viruses distribtuted through search engines and found Google's distrubutes more than two times the amount of malware than Bing, Yahoo! and Twitter--combined!

The report and Downloadsquad point out that only 2% of the malware is 0-day, meaning malware that came out/was released to the public domain that day and that 98% of the malware is older-known malware. Downloadsquad also brings up an interesting question- why doesn't Google do more to block known malware?

Hopefully stories like this one will motivate Google to help combat malware and viruses.