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How Big? - SRG InfoTech's 300th Post!

Have you ever wondered how big the web actually is? Well, Google (of course) has taken a speculative stab at figuring it out. Read more.



Remember the old cut out with a hole where the face is? You stick your face through while your friend snaps a photo. The virtual version of this age old classic is now here. Check out


Is Cuil Cool?

There's a new search engine that just launched and it's built by former Google employees. Supposedly it searches more than 3X as many sites as Google. I am undecided... the results seem a little iffy.

Try Cuil.



I, Cringley has a great article up this week that talks about Mailinator and Talkinator, two apps that perform very familiar tasks in a very unfamiliar way. They are both very exciting, and prove that even these days you can do great things on the Internet without a big wallet.

Mailinator is a webmail service with no login required. Just make up a name - - when a website asks you for an email address, and you're done. A brilliant tool for keeping spam out of your inbox.

Talkinator is an embedded chat client that also requires no login - just pick a name, and start talking (reminds me of the good old days of IRC). Put Talkinator on your website, and you can instantly talk with anyone visiting your site.