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Travel Gear For Nerds

I'm leaving tomorrow morning for a weekend vacation. To ease my
travels I picked up an Eagle Creek Switchback 22 Max. Between my REI
dividend and a 20% off coupon it did cost much. I compared it to a few
other comparable bags from other manufacturers. The feature that
sealed the deal was a built in laptop sleeve. When I finally packed my
bags and the laptop fit perfectly in it's sleeve, I actually got
excited. Somebody call the nerd patrol. Keep an eye on the blog for
more pictures from my travels.


Fwd: twitter

Begin forwarded message:

From: Matt's Dad
Date: March 5, 2009 6:31:45 PM
To: Matt
Subject: twitter

Hi Matthew hope all is well with you , have a question for you:   What is twitter?  thanks in advance  love dad

Just got this message from my 75 year old pops. Kudos to him for his curiosity. He was using Facebook before most of my friends. How do you think I should answer his question? Leave your answers in the comments.



Xenocode - A Cool App for Web Developers (PC)

Xenocode has created a self contained set of web browsers that lets you run IE, Safari, Firefox, Google's Chrome, and many more without actually installing anything! They are all run off of a USB drive and they completely bypass your OS, meaning you don't have to install each one to use any of them.

SRG is doing more and more with with web - from client sites to ad's and more. What better way to test out multiple browsers!

Check out all the browser choices and find out more info: Here.




The buzz on Twitter yesterday was all about everyone's favorite fruit flavored M&M look alike, Skittles. This has a lot of relevance for me because as a kid (OK young adult actually) my friends and I used to have competitions to see who could stuff the most Skittles in their mouth at the same time. To win you have to chew and swallow all of the Skittles. I digress. The new Skittles site is just a feed of all Twitter posts that reference Skittles. There are also links to a Skittles branded YouTube page, Flickr page, Facebook page, and Wikipedia Page. This is a full on fruit flavored Web 2.0 assault. Check it out.