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McAfee Anti-Virus Company Goes to Court

My oh my, how times have changed. When I was a wee bit younger, I remember McAfee being one of the best Anti-Virus programs around! It didn't take up too much of your computer's resources, always protected well, and was a pretty much nag-free piece of software.

Jump ahead to 2010 and McAfee is going to court because of misleading pop-up advertisements and unwanted purchases. It's sad to see a company that was once so high, crumble to the ground. Companies get desperate and really just dig themselves in deeper.

I had the pleasure of fixing a computer a few weeks back that was "infected by viruses." To my surprise, one of the most annoying viruses on the machine was actually McAfee AV, which was spamming the user with messages about viruses and needing to purchase McAfee to resolve them. It was spamming so much the computer was pretty much unusable - no joke!

Not only was it a pain in the rear to close the constant pop-ing up windows, but they made uninstalling the software a real treat too. The attack required me to use all sorts of ninja skills that I've acquired over the years, some I didn't even realize I had. In the end, I defeated the beast that is McAfee AV.

What should you use instead? I highly recommend Microsoft Security Essentials, which is completely free.


iPad Printing is Possible Right Now!

The geniuses over at Theformgroup have found a way to print from your iPad. No need to buy any $10-$15 app for this baby*!

It's beautiful! Haha ;)

Apple - 0
Consumers - +1

*I have no idea if this would damage your iPad in any way, so I would not recommend doing this.


Twitter 101 For Businesses

I'm in the process of setting up several Twitter accounts for various tasks and projects. Visiting today I noticed a dedicated section they have created specifically for businesses, including the ubiquitous Twitter 101 training. I've seen many flavors of this over the past few years, but most are not specific to businesses, and none came straight from Twitter. Check it out!

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Boxing Goes Social - And Gets Personal

Earlier this week Russian boxer
Wladimir Klitschko challenged David Haye, Britain's World Boxing Association Heavyweight Champion, to a throwdown - on Facebook. His pointed an personal challenge to Haye is not the first of it's kind, and probably not the first via Social Media either, but I'm fascinated by the way Social Media has permeated all aspects of our culture, even professional boxing. The notion of a professional boxer creating the video, then posting it to Facebook is somewhat amusing, but that's what publicists are for. I plan to throw down my next digital gauntlet via the SRG InfoTech Blog, which will of course be published via Facebook and Twitter. Let the social smack talk begin!

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The Original Spammers

I came across this wired article this morning about the first email spammers. Apparently the the first UCE (unsolicited commercial email) was sent on April 12, 1994. I'm very proud to say that I had an email address through the University of Florida about 2 years prior to that. My use of email pre-dates the existence of SPAM. If that's not an impressive pickup line, I don't know what is! Read more.

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