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Worst Web Site Ever

Few things make for poor web design like zealotry in any form. This site is no exception. Not only is the design and layout atrocious, the site is so content heavy the page load is over 500mb! I clicked on the link to the site about 3 hours ago, and it is still loading!


50 Most Annoying Things About the Internet

Came across this article this morning. I've got my own list of annoyances but this list is pretty spot on. If you are really looking for a way to vent your digital grievances, don't forget about Internet Annoyance Day.


Get Your Balloon Boy T-Shirts!

We all remember the Balloon Boy story like it was just yesterday... ahh the memories. Oh wait, that was yesterday! Wow, well not even a day later someone is now selling Balloon Boy T-shirts on the web. For just a mere $17.95 + shipping, you can cherish the memories we all shared together at the office yesterday.

Why wait? Go order yours below, now!!!



Password Advice from Google

Passwords are the bane of many netizen's existence. Keeping your passwords updated and strong only exacerbates the issue. However it is critical to have an effective personal password policy to keep you web presence safe and secure. Not sure how to do it? Here is what Google has to say. Read more.


Windows 7 Launches in 1 week; Apple is Ready

Microsoft is getting ready to officially launch Windows 7 to the public on October 22nd. The IT squad here at SRG has been using it for several months now and all agree; it's the best Windows OS to date. Props to Microsoft on this one! Hopefully we will get to have Windows 7 here at work for everyone at some point... no promises yet though!

Apple is ready for the launch as well, as they see it as an opportunity to sell more Macs. Apple is expecting computer sales to be much higher with Windows 7 coming out because so many people skipped Vista. They are going to be ready with commercials and ads that will hopefully draw in more PC users. Unfortunately the Mac ads in the past two or so years have just been terrible. So, unless they have something new up their sleeves, we are going to be tortured with the same old "I'm a smug Mac" and "I am a nerdy PC" ads that try to scare people into thinking viruses only exist on PCs...despite Apple adding malware protection to their newest OS.

Viruses don't infect PCs, people infect PCs :)