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Windows 7 Launches in 1 week; Apple is Ready

Microsoft is getting ready to officially launch Windows 7 to the public on October 22nd. The IT squad here at SRG has been using it for several months now and all agree; it's the best Windows OS to date. Props to Microsoft on this one! Hopefully we will get to have Windows 7 here at work for everyone at some point... no promises yet though!

Apple is ready for the launch as well, as they see it as an opportunity to sell more Macs. Apple is expecting computer sales to be much higher with Windows 7 coming out because so many people skipped Vista. They are going to be ready with commercials and ads that will hopefully draw in more PC users. Unfortunately the Mac ads in the past two or so years have just been terrible. So, unless they have something new up their sleeves, we are going to be tortured with the same old "I'm a smug Mac" and "I am a nerdy PC" ads that try to scare people into thinking viruses only exist on PCs...despite Apple adding malware protection to their newest OS.

Viruses don't infect PCs, people infect PCs :)