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Aloha, Silverlight!

I had read some speculation about Silverlight's demise a few months back, but now it is seeming more concrete. According to Bob Muglia at Microsoft, "[Microsoft's] strategy has shifted" citing that "HTML is the only true cross platform solution for everything." While Microsoft does plan to continue to develop the Silverlight platform, it's focus as a priority is slowing. While I'm not crazy about Flash, I do like it. I'm also eager to see how HTML5 manifests in the marketplace, especially as there is broader adoption by both developers and browsers. I'm really glad Silverlight is not another burgeoning platform. Read more!



Long Live the Mobile Web App!

Ever since Apple opened the App Store through iTunes, the web app became yesterday's news. Palm's failed execution with The Pre only reinforced that perception. Personally, I'm still a fan of mobile web apps. The App Store is cool and all, and native apps have their benefits, but there is still a thriving and evolving library of cross platform web apps. One of my personal favorites is the Facebook Touch App. But wait there's more! Don't believe me? Stop on over to the Apple Web Apps Page and see for yourself. Long live the mobile web app!