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Check Out the Latest in Server Virtualization

On Monday from 12-5 the SRG IT Team will be taking over the Boulder Conference Room. We recently got a new super server that will replace two of our existing servers that are being retired. This new server is loaded with processor power, RAM, and disk storage. We will be running Windows Server 2008 on this server. Through the magic of virtualization, this server will take the place of 3 existing servers, with room to add an additional server.

We will be hooking the new server up to the projector in The Boulder Room, building the host system, then building the virtual servers on top of the host system. If you feel like learning a little something, or are the least bit curious, stop on by and embrace your inner geek.


36 New Features Added to Windows 7

Windows 7 is the next Windows OS that is suppose to be a small upgrade from Vista, but in terms of actual performance, functionality and overall awesomeness, many are considering it the next "big" upgrade (much like XP was back in the day). There was a sort of open beta in January that for the most part got high praises. It seems as though Microsoft doesn't want to be counted out yet.

Since the beta in January 36 new features have been added to Windows 7 based on feedback from testers that will be put in the RC (Release Candidate, the last version of beta basically) version that is suppose to be ready by April 10th.

Some of the features include, a more cleaned up media player, many shortcut keys, and improved performance (which is surprising since this is apparently one of the fastest Windows ever already!).



Relevant News About our Clients

As many of you know I'm a big fan of Google's RSS feed aggregator, Google Reader. In addition to enabling me to capture, organize, and consolidate content from all over the web, it allows me to share relevant information with other Google Reader users. A friend and colleague recently shared two articles about Pepsi brands that SRG has worked with. Read more about Frito-Lay and Tropicana.



If You Can Type, You Can Make a Movie.

I came across Xtranormal today. This service allows you to make a movie with absolutely no movie making skills. Pick some actors, a scene, then write some dialogue, and you on your way to your next Oscar. Seems pretty lame overall, but may be worthwhile someday. Check it out.