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Goats Get Goggle in Trouble with PETA

Being in downtown Boulder, us SRGers don't get to see a lot of grass around our building. Google employees on the other hand, have plenty of grass. Instead of using the old fasioned lawn-mower to trim the grass, they decided to get back to their roots and thought about what their ancestors would use...GOATS! It's perfect! Hire several hundred goats to eat up the grass. Grass gets mowed and goats get fed. Ahhh being green can be so rewarding.

Well, PETA is pretty pissed at Google about it, saying that the goats didn't get enough water and that the transportation wasn't comfortable enough for them.

It doesn't sound like a goat was harmed throughout the whole process, so I am going to go ahead and give Google props for feeding the furry little friends.

Next time, I propose Google uses fainting goats: