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Comcast To Double Speeds by End of 2009!

It's rare that I have the opportunity to post something good about Comcast, so I could not pass this opportunity up!

Comcast is expecting to have 65% of its subscribers on a new system which will double internet speeds according to this article. This is great news! More and more people are watching movies on the internet with services like Netflix's streaming one and downloading their favorite songs, etc. Boosting internet speed means a much smooth experience and even possibly higher quality video streams.

Not to mention faster downloads in general! Comcast has stated that their 250GB limits will still be in place after the upgrade as fewer than 1% of thier customers are affected by the cap.



reason said...

too bad they throttle their bandwidth -

Ty said...

It's true, but it's the little victories that are important :)

Woody said...

I don't know how excited I am…

First, they will more than double the price.

Secondly, Comcast updated their TOU contract last year and put a bandwidth cap in place. Having faster speeds will just mean that you get to that cap faster, and then they throttle you back to dial-up speed. I'll bet you lunch that the TOU doesn't change with the new infrastructure.

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