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Windows 7 Lets You Turn Off Apps!

Microsoft is really batting for a homerun with Windows 7. Along with its increased performance and features comes something that many have wished and hoped for year after year - control over the major components of Windows like Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, etc.

Microsoft has heard its customer's calls (or are sick and tired of all the EU lawsuits against it for forcing Internet Explorer down people's throats) and in Windows 7 will include the ability to turn on/off most Windows features and set others as defaults.

You say you like Firefox? Great! Get rid of Internet Explorer and make Firefox the only browser on your system! Maybe you hate Windows Media Player and prefer something like Winamp... Winamp, Winamp, Winamp, it really whips the lama's... (Winamp fans will know the rest heh).

In any case, this is a huge addition to Windows that I greatly look forward too. I am the type of person that knows exactly what I will be doing with my system and what I won't need, so being able to free up resources (every little bit counts!) is a welcomed feature.

You can read up more on the feature here.