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Droid Campaign Helps Boost Android Demand 250%

Android phones have been out well over a year now and there really hasn't been much excitement over them until Verizon's campaign for the Motorola Droid came out in October. Up until recently, most consumers really felt they only had two choices in a smartphone, BlackBerry or iPhone, but that is changing. While the BlackBerry and iPhone still clearly dominate the market (and probably will for a very long time), Android is gaining ground as demand is up 250%. In the next year, we will be seeing many more Android powered phones.

A small shout out to Windows Mobile, as they also gained some ground in December as well... according to reports, Windows Mobile web usage was up 50% for the first time in a long time. That means web usage went from .04% to .06%. I know, I know... laugh all you want! A gain is a gain :)



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