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Hosting, Virtual Hosting, Clustered Hosting. . .Oh My!

The hosting market has to be the most competitive technology market around. We've been on the lookout for a hosting partner for a while now. We need a place to host the client sites that we develop. This will allow us to guarantee uptime and site functionality.

I think there are a billion different hosting companies out there. The ones that captured my interest and seemed to apply best to our business model are the clustered hosting solutions. These are basically a large clusters of servers working together to provide a single hosting environment. One in particular, Mosso, had some really great features. The one feature that stood out was a truly cross platform hosting environment. For each domain we setup we can choose whether we want to develop in Linux or Windows, Apache or IIS, MySQL or M$SQL, the choices are endless. It is that flexibility that seems to fit our needs best.

Like I mentioned there are a glut of hosting providers, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. You have to kind of define your needs, weigh the options, make a choice and hope for the best. I'll post our ongoing experience with Mosso here on the infotech blog.