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Success! & I Stand Corrected. . .

Friday iPhone Update:

First off, I got my SRG email syncing via the Exchange/IMAP settings on the iPhone. Configured the server, configured the firewall, and synced the phone and emails started flowing in. The only drawback with this is that you can't set the phone to get messages in real time. You can set intervals for mail updates, but the shortest interval is 15 minutes. In an age of instant gratification this falls short of the mark.

I mentioned in a previous post that this is not really a business device. I retract that statement! There are a quickly growing number of 3rd party apps being written for the iPhone.

Speaking of 3rd party apps, I've realized the importance of Safari as a focal point of the iPhone's functionality. All the third party apps are web-based. This must have been by Apple design. This is brilliant. . .no software to download, install, or somehow goof up the equipment. No updates or patches to maintain. Surf on over to this site for a simple tool for managing all the third part apps available for your iPhone.

That's all for now.