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SRG Facebook Group

For those of your who are Facebook users, I have gone ahead and started a Facebook Group for SRG. I have set this up as a private group, meaning an admin has to approve your request to join, and all group contents are private. When you login, just do a group search for Sterling-Rice Group. Once you request to join, your request will be granted and you will be given admin access to the group. This means that you can upload content etc. . .

If you are not familiar with Facebook, it is a free Social-Networking site. While it does not have the membership of MySpace, it is quickly gaining ground due to it’s secure, private, spam free, intuitive, interface. Membership is completely free.

I have no intent or motive to starting the SRG Facebook group. However, I encourage all SRGers to join. Hopefully this will take on a life of it’s own in time. We’ll see where it takes us.

Check it out!