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Nelson, by the numbers.

We got Nelson back in December of 2007. Every 1000 pages Nelson sends me a report outlining every statistic imaginable for the device. For a nerd like me, I find this data fascinating. You may too. Or not. The bottom line is that Nelson has printed over 32000 pages and has yet to have his first service call (knock on wood). Check it out:

Printer Phaser 7760DX () (AUA334591) page
1 Date of Report=Fri Apr 18 15:39:17 2008
2 Activation Date=Dec 7 2007
3 Printer IDs=Serial #:AUA334591, Ethernet:00:00:AA:A8:44:72, IP:, :0
4 Printer Name=Phaser 7760DX
5 Printer Type=Model:Phaser 7760DX, Printer Class:Laser
6 PDL Firmware=Adobe PostScript 3:3016.101 (6), PCL 5C:5.0
7 Xerox Firmware=OS:5.60, Engine:3.2.2, PostScript:3.5.8, Network:, FPGA:9.1
8 Installed RAM (MBs)=512
9 Installed Trays (incl. MP Tray)=5
10 Accessories=Duplexer, , IDE Disk, , , ,
11 Current Media=Tray 1 (MPT):--, Tray 2:Paper-Custom, Tray 3:Paper-Letter, Tray 4:Paper-Letter, Tray 5:Paper-Letter
12 Usage Profile Compliance Version Number=4.0.0
13 Report Reason=Page
21 Total Impressions=34210
22 Black Impressions=1035
23 Color Impressions=33175
24 Black Large Impressions=173
25 Color Large Impressions=559
26 Black Service Impressions=0
27 Color Service Impressions=0
31 Black Printed Impressions & Sheets=Impressions:1035, Sheets:918
32 Color Printed Impressions & Sheets=Impressions:33175, Sheets:24373
35 Black Printed Large Impressions & Sheets=Impressions:23, Sheets:23
36 Color Printed Large Impressions & Sheets=Impressions:443, Sheets:433
51 Current Colorant Max Capacity=Cyan:3300, Magenta:3300, Yellow:3300, Black:5400
52 Current Colorant Level=Cyan:2706, Magenta:792, Yellow:2376, Black:2808
53 Total Previous Colorant Usage=Cyan:1026, Magenta:1224, Yellow:1072, Black:799
54 Current Colorant Level at Installation=Cyan:3300, Magenta:3300, Yellow:3300, Black:5400

101 Report Intervals=Pages:1000, Hours:168
108 Average Coverage (%)=Cyan:9, Magenta:11, Yellow:10, Black:3

111 Total Pages & Sheets=Pages:34210, Sheets:25291

121 Paper vs. Transparency (pages)=Paper:31076, Transparency:0, Other:3134
128 Printed Duplex Sheets=Color:9953, Black & White:44

131 Color vs. Black & White (pages)=Color:33175, Black & White:1035, Blank:1078, Cleaning:0, Separation:0, Cover:0, Jam:0
132 Pixels Printed-Black & White (1K)=Cyan:0, Magenta:0, Yellow:0, Black:712720
134 Pixels Printed-Color (1K)=Cyan:86753514, Magenta:106573036, Yellow:93087276, Black:23285514
137 Pages Since Power On=Color:2358, Black & White:7, Blank:26, Cleaning:0, Separation:0, Cover:0, Jam:0

141 Printed 1-Side vs. 2-Side (sheets)=1-Sided:15294, 2-Sided:9997
143 Tray 1 Media (sheets)=Paper-Legal:33, Paper-TabX:4, HvyPaper-Letter:109, ThnCard-Letter:81, ThnCard-Tab:44, ThkCard-Letter:1374, ThkCard-Tab:40, ThkCard-TabX:9, ThkCard-Custom:125, ThkGlsy-Letter:1179, Prepunch-Letter:29, Labels-Letter:19
144 Cassette Tray Media (sheets)=Paper-Letter:21546, Paper-Tab:359, Paper-Custom:257, HvyPaper-Letter:256, ThnCard-Letter:13, ThkCard-Letter:8, ThkCard-Custom:4, ThnGlsy-Custom:256, Prepunch-Letter:58
149 Pages Printed=Letter/A4-Paper:30522, Letter/A4-Transparency:0, Letter/A4-Other:2798, Envelopes:0, Other Paper:299, Other:138, Tabloid/A3-Paper:369, Tabloid/A3-Other:84

162 Print Jobs By Document Length=0-1:1279, 2-4:434, 5-9:182, 10-19:162, 20-29:73, 30-49:80, 50-74:26, 75-99:12, 100-249:8, 250+:0
164 Printed Pages By Document Length=0-1:4096, 2-4:1927, 5-9:3895, 10-19:4318, 20-29:4869, 30-49:7647, 50-74:3992, 75-99:1181, 100-249:1617, 250+:0
167 Printed Small Jobs By Document Length=1:1275, 2:267, 3:97, 4:70

181 Days Printed=133
182 Pages Per Day=0-1:37, 2-4:0, 5-9:0, 10-24:4, 25-49:3, 50-99:12, 100-249:29, 250-499:25, 500-999:14, 1000+:9
183 Power On Count=10
184 Time On Distribution (hours)=0-1:2, 2-3:1, 4-9:0, 10-23:1, 24-167:2, 168+:4
185 Days Since Activation=133
186 Hours Since Last Power On=201
187 Total Time On (hours)=3193

191 Total Warmup Time (hours)=2
192 Total Offline Time (hours)=18

205 Toner Cartridge Size=Cyan:Hi-Capacity, Magenta:Hi-Capacity, Yellow:Hi-Capacity, Black:Hi-Capacity
206 Punch Status=Unknown
207 Imaging Unit Installation=Cyan:Fri Dec 07 2007, Pages:0, Magenta:Fri Dec 07 2007, Pages:0, Yellow:Fri Dec 07 2007, Pages:0, Black:Fri Dec 07 2007, Pages:0
208 Imaging Unit Status=Cyan:OK, Magenta:OK, Yellow:OK, Black:OK
209 Imaging Unit Remaining (%)=Cyan:37, Magenta:37, Yellow:37, Black:36

241 Temperature (Celsius)=0-2:0, 3-5:0, 6-8:0, 9-11:0, 12-14:0, 15-17:0, 18-20:0, 21-23:40, 24-26:251, 27-29:412, 30-32:15, 33-35:0, 36-38:0, 39-41:0, 42+:0
242 Humidity (%)=0-10:230, 11-15:346, 16-35:142, 36-40:0, 41-46:0, 47-55:0, 56-63:0, 64-72:0, 73-79:0, 80+:0
243 Toner Installation Date=Cyan:Tue Apr 15 14:43:12 2008, Pages:33528, Magenta:Wed Mar 19 13:02:56 2008, Pages:27335, Yellow:Tue Apr 08 13:41:20 2008, Pages:32384, Black:Fri Dec 07 13:34:56 2007, Pages:11
244 Toner Status=Cyan:OK, Magenta:OK, Yellow:OK, Black:OK
245 Toner Cartridge Remaining (%)=Cyan:82, Magenta:24, Yellow:72, Black:52

295 Last Jam Date Log=--, --, Mon Oct 14 15:02:24 1974, --, --, --, --, --, --, --, Mon Dec 10 15:25:08 2007, Mon Dec 10 15:25:08 2007, Mon Dec 10 15:25:08 2007, Tue Dec 18 08:38:42 2007, Tue Dec 18 08:38:42 2007, Fri Jan 11 13:07:28 2008, Fri Jan 11 13:07:28 2008, Thu Jan 17 09:59:58 2008, Thu Jan 17 09:59:58 2008, Mon Jan 21 14:38:40 2008, Mon Jan 21 14:38:40 2008, Wed Jan 30 15:36:18 2008, Wed Jan 30 15:36:18 2008, Tue Feb 12 12:21:01 2008, Tue Feb 12 12:21:01 2008, Mon Mar 24 13:56:42 2008, Mon Mar 24 13:56:42 2008, Fri Mar 28 15:07:45 2008, Fri Mar 28 15:07:45 2008, Tue Apr 08 13:27:01 2008
298 Last Jam Error Log=--, --, --, --, --, --, --, --, --, --, 08-900, 08-900, 08-900, 07-119, 07-119, 08-164, 08-164, 08-175, 08-175, 10-125, 10-125, 07-119, 07-119, 08-184, 08-184, 08-184, 08-184, 08-175, 08-175, 08-175

301 Jam at Tray1 (MPT)=Heavy Paper:1, Thick Card Stock:1, Thick Glossy Paper:2, Prepunched:1, Letter:5
302 Jam at Tray2=Env-C5:18267, Env-C6:52142
304 Jam at Tray4=Thin Glossy Paper:39424
305 Jam at Tray5=Plain Paper:1, Prepunched:1, Letter:2
306 Jam at Fuser=Plain Paper:2, Heavy Paper:1, Prepunched:1, Letter:4
308 Jam at Left Door C=Plain Paper:3, Prepunched:1, Letter:4
309 Jam at Left Door A=Thick Card Stock:1, Thick Glossy Paper:2, Other Types:1, Letter:3, Other Sizes:1

312 Jam at Left Door B=Plain Paper:1, Letter:1

501 Total Cyan Pixels (1K)=Standard:3132624, Enhanced:86274, Photo:8955176, PCL:74579440, Other:0
502 Total Magenta Pixels (1K)=Standard:3376072, Enhanced:89084, Photo:10422976, PCL:92684904, Other:0
503 Total Yellow Pixels (1K)=Standard:4267120, Enhanced:58948, Photo:8976272, PCL:79784936, Other:0
504 Total Black Pixels (1K)=Standard:1990824, Enhanced:56690, Photo:6726520, PCL:15224200, Other:0

611 Number of Toner Cartridges Installed=Cyan:4, Magenta:4, Yellow:4, Black:2
612 Number of Imaging Units Installed=Cyan:1, Magenta:1, Yellow:1, Black:1
613 Number of Accumulator Belts Installed=1
614 Number of Belt Cleaners Installed=1
615 Number of Waste Cartridges Installed=1
616 Number of Fusers Installed=1
617 Number of Transfer Rollers Installed=1
618 Number of Staple Cartridges Installed=0

1011 Page Count Trigger=1000
1012 Time Trigger (hours)=168
1014 Day of Month Trigger=0

1091 Ready Time (hours)=698
1092 Ready Time Distribution (mins)=0-14:1203, 15-29:190, 30-59:566, 60-89:56, 90-119:3, 120-179:0, 180-239:0, 240-299:0, 300+:0
1095 Energy Star Time (hours)=2434
1096 Energy Star Time Distribution (mins)=0-14:72, 15-29:46, 30-59:71, 60-89:45, 90-119:34, 120-179:23, 180-239:8, 240-299:4, 300+:124
1097 Time Between Jobs Distribution (mins)=0-14:1552, 15-29:186, 30-59:192, 60-89:97, 90-119:42, 120-179:64, 180-239:25, 240-299:6, 300+:103
END Usage Profile Report



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