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Good bye Comcast/Blockbuster/Netflix!

Any PS3 owners out there? Sony just launched an online video rental service. You can rent an HD movie for $4.50 (I'm downloading Lions for Lambs right now), and $3.50 for standard-definition. They've struck deals with Warner Bros., Fox, MGM, Disney, Lions Gate and others to offer the service. Also available are television series (Rescue Me!) from several networks. You can also purchase the movies, but at 5 GB for a HD movie, you'll need an external hard drive.

I'll double-back with a report on the quality of the movies.

And, if you're an XBOX 360 owner, don't fret, Micro$oft announced a deal with Netflix that will launch by Christmas. No word yet if they will offer all of their movies, or just the Indie films that they already let you watch on your computer (I'm guessing the latter).


So here's my report back on the PS3 video service:

First, I've already seen Lions for Lambs.

Second, the picture quality is great, and the audio is Dolby 5.1 Surround.

Third, don't expect the same selection that you'll find at the video store (again, only select studios have signed on) but who knows. If the service is popular, other studios may jump on the bandwagon.

Fourth, Aqua Teen Hunger Force is available. Really, what else do you need?

Lastly, all of the television shows are in standard definition, even those that were originally broadcast in HD (including my favorite show, Arrested Development). It would be nice to see them in HD widescreen - especially at two bucks a pop!