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Google Update

We've had some ups and down with the Google Beta Test for SRG. Luckily we are in an upswing and have several volunteers are actively engaged in testing the system. With the release of Chrome last week, a step towards my vision of driving all of our business functions through the web browser has taken a step closer. I was reading The Official Gmail Blog and came across this incredible new feature:

>>The first one I worked on was something we had been experimenting with a few years ago here inside Google but had never launched -- a Forgotten Attachment Detector. Many of us have experienced the embarrassment of having sent a message without attaching the file we said we were going to attach. Turn on the Forgotten Attachment Detector in Labs, and you'll get an alert if you mention attaching a file but forget to do so.>>

It amazes me the functionality that Google is implementing, and more importantly the broader vision for computing that they are executing on.



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