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A Look at the Windows 7 User Interface

On Monday, Microsoft gave an demo of some things in store for Windows 7 - the Vista successor. I found a great preview of the User Interface for Windows 7 that to me looks like it is shaping up nicely.

-My favorite thing is that you can now totally customize the tray icons, which are probably some of the most annoying icons in Windows (practically all versions!). Everytime you install an application, they seem to think you will want to slap an icon for the program on your tray, even when its a program you may use once every few months. That will be different in Windows 7...

According to the preview, all icons that can be shown in the tray are hidden/invisible. The user can now define which icons are visible. As Borat says, "Very nice! I like!"

-The other cool thing is the whole taskbar/start menu have been reworked, even from Vista. It looks more clean and you have many more options at your disposal, should you right click on an item.

Overall, it looks like it's shaping up nicely. Vista had a rough start, but has really come a long way. Please Microsoft, make Windows 7 an OS that doesn't have a rough start for once. Maybe even make us feel it's come a long way right out the door!