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iPhone Users List - Holiday Edition

This week's iPhone Users List has some basic tips and a few apps to enhance your iPhone/Microsoft Exchange 2003 (the email server we use) relationship.

Let's start with a few basic iPhone tricks. One common set of problems are system freezes, sluggish performance, and general bugginess of one form or another. The quickest fix for this is a hard reboot. To perform a hard reboot, simply hold the power and the home button down simultaneously until you see the silver Apple logo appear on the screen. The next tip is an easy way to take a screen shot of whatever you have on your iPhone screen. To take a screen shot, hold down the power button for 2 seconds, then click the home button. Your screen will flash, and you'll hear the camera sound. Whatever you were viewing on your screen will be saved to your photo library.

With the release of iPhone OS 2.0 in July came Exchange Server/iPhone integration. While I'm really satisfied with the integration, there are lots of ways to make it better. Two of those improvements are Out of Office Assistant, and Tasks, both of which are missing from the iPhone OS 2.0. Luckily both functions have been recreated through 3rd party apps available through the app store. TaskData brings Outlook tasks to the iPhone. It is described as allowing you to "easily add/edit/delete tasks that will synchronize wirelessly over-the-air to your corporate network and Microsoft Outlook!" Before you buy it, keep in mind that it costs $12.99! Check it out and let us know what you think. The next app has a simple but necessary function, turn on and off your Out of Office Assistant. OOFY delivers on it's promise of "allowing you to set your Out-of-Office message through a convenient iPhone application interface." They recently made it Exchange 2003 compatible, and the price is only $.99. Check it out.



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