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Microsoft sets a new record

That record, unfortunately, is creating what looks like the largest worldwide consumer electronic device failure in history.

Around 2:30 on December 31st, owners of 30 GB Zune players around the world found their devices useless. Microsoft took nearly a day just to identify the cause of the problem, and their solution was classic Microsoft: Wait.

The issue was apparently tied to the fact that 2008 was a leap year, and according to Zune players, December 31st (the 366th day of the year) didn't exist. Nice to see we learned some lessons about computer calendars after Y2K. I'm beginning to think that the Red Rings and Blue Screens of Death are not flaws, but design features!



Anonymous said...

This is the exact same problem that we had with our Desktop version of SilentPartner (only 10 or so people use it luckily)! And of course their answer was the same... wait! Thankfully I don't think we had any problems because of it.

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