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Office 2007 Rollout - Almost Done

Thanks to the help of our incredible IT Staff and the courageous team of Office 2007 beta testers, we are almost done rolling out Office 2007. Our goal is to have everyone upgraded by this Friday, February 13. If you have not completed the software upgrade yet, please let someone on the IT Staff know and we will help you out. We will also be upgrading all conference room systems on Friday.

Some critical reminders about Office 2007:

1) As a rule of thumb PDFs should be the default format for any file sent outside the company (clients, vendors). You can now easily create PDFs from any Office 2007 application.

2) If the client or vendor needs to edit the file and a PDF won't suffice, then make sure you down save the file to Office 2003 unless you are 100% sure the recipient has Office 2007.

3) Most of the essential features (print, save, etc.) are hidden under the round button with windows logo on it in the top left corner of every Office 2007 application. Everything else is found in 'the ribbon'.

For questions about specific applications, please contact the following people:

PowerPoint: Diana Hodges, Casee Erickson
Excel: Greg Sirois, Kirsten Anderberg
Word: Cody Cooper, Katie Beer
Outlook: Matt Laufer, Tyson Nielsen, Jon Nooning

Thanks, and happy computing!



Anonymous said...

Thanks to the incredible IT Staff and the courageous team of Office 2007 beta testers who have made this a smooth transition!

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