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Boulder New Tech Metup

We finally made it to the Boulder New Tech Meetup last night. About 500 geeks from around the front range show up to watch 5 startup technologists present their new ideas for 5 minutes followed by 5 minutes of questions from the crowd. It was neat to see what some folks are up to in the digital space. More than anything the event was pure nerd spectacle. They had 3 video screens in use. The main and center screen was for the presenter. On either side of the main screen was a screen showing real time tweets pointed at #bdnt. It was quite entertaining. People in the crowd were tweeting about the presentation topics while watching the presentation and the tweets were showing up right behind the presenter. It was especially entertaining when the tweets were less than flattering. If you have any interest in current technology trends, especially in your neighborhood, I suggest you check it out.



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