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Sweet App Coming to Windows Moble 6.5 & Blackberry

*chime chime*
"Ohhh! A new text message" |You want to meet up?|

"Ack I am driving. Oh well, I will risk my life to text my friend." |Yes I want to meet u--|

*honk honk, screeeeech*

"Ok, almost died there, but I got the text off, woot! Meeting up with my friend, la la la. Happy days..."

Does this sound familiar? Well, next time you may not be so lucky!

Thankfully, in just a few weeks (and if you get the Windows Mobile 6.5 upgrade
), you won't have to deal with this scary and unsafe situation.

Introducing: Tellme.
Tellme is a free program by Microsoft that is included with Windows
Mobile 6.5 that allows you to easily text, call, search and more all by voice. It will be coming to Blackberry as well, but a date hasn't been set.

*chime chime*
"Ohhh! A new text message" |You want to meet up?|
All by voice - "Text Bob" "|Yeah, lets meet up!|"
... *silence.*

No longer will you have to risk your life trying to type out text messages while driving.

Check out the link to watch a video demo of what it's capable of here:

Sent from my Windows Mobile phone

Just kidding :)



Anonymous said...

That's so iPhone 2008

Ty said...

Just like copy/paste is soooo Windows Mobile 2000 ;)

But hey, at least by the end of summer 2009 iPhone users will finally get that!

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