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iPhone 3gs - A Week Later

I've had the new iPhone 3gs for about a week now. Overall I am very pleased with the upgrade. The most notable difference is the speed at which the device functions. The best word to describe this is 'snappy'. The iPhone 3gs performs a lot 'snappier' then it's predecessors. In turn this has a dramatic impact on the user experience. With the increase in snappiness there is a decrease in bugginess, also benefiting the user experience. The video recording capability is excellent. Like all things Apple it is intuitive and easy to use. Check out a sample recording below. The integration of the compass with maps is also a big plus. This enables a basic equivalent of turn by turn directions found in dedicated GPS devices. My favorite feature, which is enabled on all iPhones running the 3.0 OS is the ability to turn of multiple text alerts. That drove me crazy! This article describes what you can expect in the upcoming iPhone 3.1 OS.