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Free Your Data!

For a few years now everyone has been talking web 2.0 this and social media that, but what does it REALLY mean. At their core, all of these trends do one thing, empower the user. The now has been MySpace was one of the first products to really empower the user to create an online presence. Albeit a kludgy, spam infested presence. Now every web site has some social component, and with that component, that ability to store your data online. But what happens to your data (photos, videos, music, email, files) when your favorite site no longer exists, or the next big things comes alone? I encountered this a few years ago when Yahoo purchased Flickr, and converted all of their Yahoo Photo accounts to Flickr accounts. In that case the transition was automated from one Yahoo site to another. What would you do if you wanted to move your photos to Facebook, or Photobucket, or SnapFish? The Data Liberation Front seeks to solve that very problem. Spearheaded by Google, The DLF site is a guide book for moving your data to or from all of Google's most popular services. Check it out.