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Fake Steve Jobs & Others Hope to Crash AT&T's Network This Friday

If you are an iPhone user, no doubt you have had horrible service issues in the last year. Whether it's dropped calls or just the inability to even make a call, you've seen it. Guess what? You are the problem according to AT&T.

AT&T blames iPhone users for their service issues and have started talks of getting rid of their unlimited data plans. Perfect! Users are using our services too much, so lets get rid of them - that will make them happier and stay with us. We won't lose millions of dollars... nope...

This Friday, a large number of people (you can join in too!) led by the Fake Steve Jobs, are going to try protest AT&T by crashing their network. That's this Friday the 18th, at 11 a.m. mountain time. Dubbed Operation Chokehold, they are encouraging everyone to use their data to use programs/access the web, download stuff from their iPhone (with WIFI turned OFF).

It's an interesting way to get the attention of the big wigs over at AT&T. Whether you partake or not is up to you, but just know that if your service goes down around 11 a.m. this Friday, this could very well be why!

Another option for some may be to drop AT&T all together. Sure, you will lose the iPhone (for now... who knows where it's going next!), but you will gain reliability and a much cheaper phone bill with other options like the Blackberry, or Android, or Windows Mobile, etc. I've had Sprint for three years now and I have not had a single dropped call once and my phone bill is dirt cheap compared to AT&T. Yeah... feel free to read that sentence a few more times ;)

Read up on the full Fake Steve Jobs article, here.



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