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How to Hide from Google?

A Dreadie/Hacker/Coder known only as Moxie Marlinspike has a new tool for you. He has created a plug-in for Firefox called Googlesharing. Googlesharing routes all of your data through a proxy server where your information gets jumbled with a number of fake identities running on his proxy server. This sounds really cool on the surface, tut this little nugget makes me think that the tool really isn't that worthwhile. "users can exploit any of Google's offerings that don't require logins, such as search, maps or news, without allowing Google to assemble a profile of their activities that can be used for advertising targeting--or, as some users might fear, information that could be subpoenaed by government investigators." So that means if you use Gmail and remain logged in, then use maps, or news, or search, this tool does you no good. Oh well. The Googlesharing logo needs some work too. Someone should probably let Moxie know that when you put a squiggly tail on an arrow, it doesn't look like an arrow any more.

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