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Comcast Rebranding to Xfinity

Jon was telling me about Comcast rebranding itself to Xfinity last week and believe it or not, Comcast called me later that day to let me know they are going to be changing their network around and adding more channels, etc. (mmm, Xfinity?). They wouldn't confirm if that's when it would be in our area, but they did say they will no longer have analog channels to make room for an improved network.

Xfinity is basically Comcast without Analog stations anymore. That's why everyone needs a digital converter box. Analog stations will be thrown to the streets on March 22nd (according to Comcast). With stations going all digital, TV/ISPs are able to provide more content and higher speeds, hopefully at no attentional charge (/me gives Comcast a suspicious eye-glare).

By the sound of it, we will be getting Xfinity rolled out around late March or early April. Once it's fully rolled out, we can expect over 100 HD channels and huge internet speed boost from 8-16Mbps to 50-100Mbps. Google's experiment is hoping to boost competition with ISPs to lower rates, increase performance, etc. so maybe Comcast is making sure it's customers are happy with their service (Hey, anything can happen these days) before anything gets too serious.

Let's hope this all happens soon. It will definitely happen someday, but the sooner the better!

Here is Comcast's Xfinity page. It's not that great, at least you know it's real! If you are currently a Comcast customer, you should receive a note in the mail once Xfinity has been rolled out in your area.

Thanks to Jon for the heads up!