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Google Chrome Building in Flash and PDF Support

I will admit, I was not the first to jump on the Chrome bandwagon. In fact, I still haven't really had any real reason to use it, until now. There is a rumor going around that soon Chrome will have built in Flash and PDF Reader support. No more downloading plug-ins, updating them periodically, etc. Woot!

According to this is a step Google is taking to ensure their sites like YouTube can offer smooth Full HD streaming videos. /me licks chops.

My one hope with this, if it is indeed true, is that Flash is updated regularly in the background with Chrome. I can't begin to tell you how many times over the years my computers have crashed due to Flash + FireFox not playing nice. Usually a simple uninstall of Flash and a re-install of the latest version fixes it, but it's an annoyance a user shouldn't have to deal with. Eyes are on you Google. Lead us to the future!

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