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Kiss Those Floppy Disks Goodbye

"Whats a floppy disk?" *begins to tear up* "Son, a long time ago we didn't have things like USB Flash drives or... the internet. We stored data on things called floppy disks." "I don't like your story dad, I am going to go watch a 3D Blu-Ray." Ugg, kids these days!!

Let us all lower our heads and give a moment of silence for the 3.5" floppy disk. RIP friend. I never told you this, but I erased your original AOL/Random other junk files/etc by putting a piece of tape over your little square hole. I am so sorry!

Finally the day has come that the 3.5" floppy disk has been marked as dead. Sony has announced that as of 2011, they will no longer be producing floppy disks.

Back in the day it was incredibly easy to copy floppy disks, so the anti-piracy association made this little educational flick; one of the first anti-piracy shorts: Don't Copy That Floppy!



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