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Nifty Amazon Price Tracker

I am all about getting the best prices. Online, it's incredibly easy to get sweet deals that you just can't get in stores. One of the best sites out there is, as you probably guessed, Amazon. Amazon can have some crazy deals and has probably the largest selection of goodies for your hard-earned cash, but how do you know when to drop the cash (more like plastic in this case)?

Camelcamelcamel is a nifty Amazon price tracking website. You can paste in any product URL, or search with keywords and it will give you it's price over the years for Amazon and any 3rd party retailer through Amazon (new and used). Believe it or not, Prices actually fluctuate on Amazon a lot, so a tool like this can help you swoop in and purchase products that are about to bottom-out price-wise. The site will also give you product rating info if it's available. The best part is, you get a nice little graph based of a timeline and price.
If nothing else, it's fun to look at stuff you bought in the past and cry about it :)

Try it out:


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