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Google Switches from Microsoft OS

Google has begun moving people off Windows and on to Macs and Linux based machines. Any new employee is given the option of having a Mac or Linux powered machine. Only special users are allowed to use Windows and that must be with CIO approval.

Google blames Microsoft for their company being hacked in China and this is the step they are taking to ensure it doesnt happen again. Rumor has it, that Google eventually wants to move toward a GoogleOS system.

Microsoft is not too pleased by Google's outspoken remarks and backs up their OS saying Microsoft Windows is technically more secure than Linux or Mac and say third parties agree as well that Microsoft is doing more than any other company to secure their OS. There are many more attacks on Windows since something like 95% of the world is on it and they definitely have to do more to stay on top of it.

In most cases, informed users is the best way to prevent viruses!




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