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Switched Asks - What is Android?

I blame the Droid. Naming one of the first Android phones to come out Droid really has caused a lot of confusion over what Android really is. Since Google licenses their OS, the potential for confusion is much greater.

Switched asked folks on the street what they thought Android was:

Link to video - embedding breaks the video, doh!

So what is Android? What is the difference between Droid and Android?

-Android is Google's cell phone Operating System (OS), much like Windows is Microsoft's OS, or Snow Leopard is Apple's OS. It is the backbone of a device that all apps, etc. run on top of.

-Driod is a cell phone made by Motorola that is powered by the Android OS. There are many different phones powered by Android, but only one Droid phone (well, actually there are two as the new model just came out).

Now go forth and share your knowledge of Android!



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