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All Web Stats

All WWW statistics
$1.1 mln spent on online movie rentals in 2005
$12 bln was spent in offshore casinos in 2005
$583 spent on online content in first half of 2004
$80 mln earned off user-generated content in 2006
'Blogosphere' to reach 10 million, almost all dead - report
1 454 128 .eu domains, 1 352 984 .biz domains registered
1,150,000 Russian blogs, the most popular community
10 bln IM messages exchanged daily
10% of UK teenagers visit adult Web sites
10% of Web users read blogs at least once a week
10-20% of blogs are spam blogs
100 mln casual game players online
11% of online Americans listen to podcasts
11% of visitors to local radio stations download podcasts
12 mln fantasy players in the US
12% of online users have bought video on the Internet
12% of US young adults don't read newspapers anymore, 44% daily visit a Web portal
13 mln unified messaging clients to ship by 2011
13% of current peer-to-peer downloaders would pay $20 per movie
13% of Internet users watch movie previews online, 5% download movies
13% of online Americans use Web cams
13% of teenagers have received a sexual solicitation online
13% of voice is now VoIP
13% of Web sites of top 100 companies will share personal information without customer's permission
13.9 bln instant messages are sent a day, 46.5 bln daily by 2009
131 mln households to subscribe to online content services by 2010
14% of men and 14% of women try out online dating to find true love
14% of online travel researchers turn to major portals
14% of teens have met face-to-face with strangers they met online
14.2 bln videos streamed over the Internet
14.9 mln video streams of NCAA games originated from CBS sites
15% of blog readers ever leave a comment
15% of home buyers discovered their new home on the Web in 2004
15.8% of clicks in Q2 2007 were fraudulent
150 mln online banking customers in Europe by 2007
16% of active Russian Internet users aware of blogs, LiveJournal claims the largest mindshare
16% of online Americans have used Web cams
16% of portable videos to be delivered over the Internet by 2011
16% of visitors to online dating sites are above 55 years old
16.7% of online retailers reject third-party cookies
163 mln concurrent video streams to be delivered by 2011
18% of F500 use instant messaging
18-34 year olds addicted to Web
182 mln people to use instant messaging in 2007
19% of small businesses use online banking
19% of US Internet users get political news off the Internet
19.1% of site visitors use search functionality
2 mln Americans have met their spouses online
2% of online maps are wrong
2.3 mln people took online courses in 2004
2.5 mln single Americans pay for dating sites
2.6 mln Americans enrolled in online classes in fall 2004
2.76 mln new domains bought in June 2005
20% of adult industry revenues are Internet-driven
20% of Americans use Internet as their primary source of science news
20% of online consumers look to others for medical advice
20,000 new video uploads daily on
21% of blog readers are bloggers
21% of video-on-demand users are interested in buying movies over the Web
21% of young Internet users read blogs regularly
22 mln domain names registered in the US, 2.2 mln in Germany
22% of French Internet users gamble online
23 mln Western Europeans to trade online by 2010
23% of broadband households would buy downloadable movies at $10 a pop
24% of customer support requests in multichannel businesses are handled through Web
24% of Internet users watch videos at least once a week
24% of travel companies never answer customer inquiries
24% US Internet users went online for photos newspapers wouldn't print
26% of Internet users have no idea what RSS feed is, 23% have never heard of podcasting
26% of online adults use Web as main source for news
26% of online Americans visit newspaper sites
27% of Web users consume RSS content, most on personalized start pages
28 mln enterprise instant messaging users worldwide, 1 bln messages daily
28% download porn at work
28% of Internet users know what podcasting is, 2% subscribe to podcasts
28% of UK taxi drivers, pub owners and hairdressers know about blogs
29 mln users are running Claria adware
29% of digital magazine subscribers use RSS feeds
29% of US adults used Internet for political news in 2004
3 mln Americans take online courses
3% of Americans read blogs daily
3.35 mln Japanese Web users have blogs
3.7 bln online videos viewed in March 2006, 52% of online video audience are males
30 mln .com domains registered monthly, 90% of them dropped
30 mln Americans will purchase mobile video content by 2010
30% of 18-24-year-olds worry about being stalked online
30% of consumer magazine Web sites offer RSS
30% of Internet users go to cable TV sites for news
30% of social network users pay for premium features
30% of US population visited blogs in Q1 2005
30% of US small business still do not have a Web site
30% of Web users use pop-up blockers
30.1% of Washington DC Web users read
32% of online banking customers increased monitoring of their accounts
32% of online consumers prefer electronic statements and bills
32% of online teenagers have been contacted by complete strangers online
32% of Web users would allow click and purchase tracking for better personalization
33% of British companies give staff instant messaging access
33% of new online banking customers are lured by free banking products
33.7% more digital magazines in the second half of 2004
34 mln blogs in China
34% of US online users have talked to other online users about health issues
35% of Americans do online research before visiting a new restaurant
35-40% of US small businesses have a Web site
36% of electronics buyers looked up to the Web media for advice
38% of Americans (52% of online Americans) rely on Internet for election coverage
38% of online travel companies have unclear privacy policies
38.8% of Internet users generate 73% of page views
39% of all Internet users and 44% of broadband Americans head to portals for news
39% of Internet users delete cookies on a monthly basis
39% of singles have met someone via online dating
4% of Americans have gambled online
4% of US youth have been asked for sexually explicit photos
4.5 mln MSN Spaces blogs, 170,000 updated daily
40 mln Americans used online banking in Q4 2005
40% of MySpace users use other social networks
40% of online US adults have read a political blog
40% of teens think their profiles do not divulge any personal info
40% of UK companies banned instant messaging
40.3% of online time spent communicating, 37.1% - reading content
41% of online Americans believe free trade is bad for US economy
42% of online users applied for loans online, 83% applied for credit cards online
44% of Kerry's campaign donations came from Internet, 31% - from phone and mail
44% of online Americans bank online
44% of US 18-34 year-olds get their daily news online
45% of Internet users have registered at news sites to gain access to news
45% of UK Internet users bank online
45% of Web sites use a .com address
46% of online users watch an online video at least once a week
47 mln of US households will pay bills online by 2010
47% of all online videos are user-generated
47% of Americans know about downloading movies, only 4% do it
47% of online Americans increased online news usage, 4% decreased
48% of RSS publishers spend $250K+ on RSS deployments
49% of Europeans and 37% of Americans use instant messengers
49% of men and 39% of women read political news on the Internet
49% of moviegoers research the movie on the Internet before going
49% of social network users use social networks to make new friends
5 mln bloggers in China
5 mln copies of Firefox Web browser downloaded
5 mln domains registered in Q3 2004
5% of Internet users paid for dating sites
5% of Internet users watch online video daily
5% of Internet video viewers have paid for a movie download
5% of Web users use desktop RSS aggregators, 6% use Web aggregators
5% of Web users watch streaming video daily
5,851 domain names sold for $29 mln in 2005
5.1 mln domain registrations in Q3 2004
5.1% of PCs are infected with spyware
50 mln Americans read news on the Internet
50% of 16-18-year-olds downloaded software and music online
50% of employees access Internet for personal reasons
50% of UK parents supervise kids on the Net, 39% rely on software
50% of US Internet users went online for hurricane news
50% of Web users have never heard of RSS
500 mln pounds to be spent on online videos by 2011
500,000 domains registered in Russia
51% of journalists read blogs on a regular basis
51% of men and 51% of women have used online banking in the past 30 days
51% of online Hispanics prefer a Spanish language Web site
51% of UK online banking users interested in mobile banking
52 mln Americans use file-sharing apps
52% of North American women and 39% of men play online games monthly
53 mln Americans use instant messaging
53 mln North Americans use instant messaging
53% of European Internet users are passive Internet surfers
53% of online Americans support war in Iraq
53% of online banking customers use other online services
53.4 mln blogs by year-end 2005
54% of girls and 40% of boys post photos online
55% of child pornography produced in the US, Russia is second with 23%
55% of online teens have social networking profiles
55% of social network visitors view streaming videos
56% of Americans have watched streaming video online
57% of teachers rely on Internet news
57% of travelers prefer third-party sites to hotel sites
57% of US teens created content online, 19% run blogs
57% recall using Web site for help, then calling customer service and still receiving no help
58% of B2B site visitors complete their tasks successfully
58% of small businesses have a Web site
59% of online Hispanics use instant messaging, 55% listen to music online
5K podcasting feeds in May 2005
6 mln US households downloaded P2P video, 1.2 mln paid for legal videos
6% of Internet users have paid for news content
6% of US Internet users read blogs, 2% use RSS
60 mln US households to pay bills online by 2012
60% of men but only 44% of women know what adware is
62% of broadband Americans have explored political news online
63% of online Americans use online bill payment
64 mln users research travel online, 42 mln buy
64% of boys with social networking profiles post fake info
64% of online Canadians use online banking sites
64% online users check their bank balances primarily online
65 bln pageviews on user-generated content sites by 2010
66% of online users never read blogs
66% of students get their news online
66% of teenagers send more IMs than e-mail
66% of teens send more IMs than e-mails
66.3 mln domains registered globally, 5 mln in Q3 2004
67% of local buyers research online
670 mln instant messaging users by 2008
69% of US papers offer Web-only job ads
697 mln Internet coupons printed out in 2006
70% of offline mobile phone buyers researched online
70% of online Americans oppose gay marriage
70% of visitors think Web site complements offline paper
70% of Web users would rather have their cars broke into than computers
70-80% of Netflix rentals are long tail
72% of US small businesses have a Web site
73.7 mln Web users went to porn sites in April 2004, 70.7 mln in April 2005
73.9% of women and 62.1% of men research health topics online
74% of single Americans have explored online dating
74% of sites differentiate between visited and unvisited links
75 mln podcast users by 2010
75% of users 18-25 are generating content
76% of Americans have streamed video online
76.5% of adults listen to music over the Internet, 65.4% play Internet games
78% of podcast listeners are male
8% of adult online Americans participate in fantasy leagues
8% of Internet users delete their cookies very frequently
80% of American Internet users researched health topics online
80% of Americans who downloaded a movie online used P2P sites
80% of corporate WiFi networks are bleeding data
80% of Internet users to have a second life by 2011
80% of online publishers plan to charge by the end of 2004
81% of broadband users run pop-up blockers and spam filters
81.5% of visits to United Nations Web site look for English pages
82% of consumer magazines plan to up their Web efforts within the next 12 months
82% of US teens have a PC, 71% have Internet access, 44% buy online
828.6 mln IM accounts in China
83% of prospective online investors seek low fees, 82% - fast and reliable sites
84% of social networking users have posted on the walls
85% of kid-centered brands provide games online
85% of parents of online teens have rules on sites the kids can and cannot visit
86% of enterprise instant messenger buyers are not affected by AOL and Yahoo! exit
87% of Canadian students use IM, webcam or telephone for sex
87% of North American 15-year-olds use IM
87% of online Americans participate in online communities
89% of employers are open to video resumes
9% of kids 9-12 have their own Web sites
9.2 mln Americans have downloaded a podcast, 5.6 mln downloaded video
9.67 mln simultaneous P2P users in January 2006
90% of users have positive image of Google, 41% - of MSN
92% of Web productivity tools users use Google Docs and Spreadsheets
94% of car dealers have a Web site
95% of users hate pop-ups, 69% use pop-up blockers
98 mln instant messaging users in China
Ads on parked domain ads to reach $1 bln by 2007
Adults 18 to 54 choose Internet and TV as primary media outlets
Americans 18-34 prefer browsing Internet (46%), watching TV (35%), reading a book (7%)
Americans search the Web more than 3 bln times per month
Arbitron: Top Internet radio stations
Asia-Pacific online gaming to grow at 15.7% a year
Asia-Pacific Web hosting market to grow at 15% a year
Associated Press on Web log longevity
Average bank site is offline 15 hours a week
Average blogger household income is $57,900
Average user to need 14.7 MB for messaging
BBC audio streams demand reaches 6.8 mln hours in February 2005
Bebo is the most popular brand among UK teens who are online
BitTorrent beats Kazaa, accounts for 53% of P2P traffic traffic surpasses Netflix
Blogging numbers
Brits turn to search engines for business contacts
Broadband video ASP market to generate $1.9 bln by 2011
Browser market share in July 2005: IE - 87.2%, Firefox - 8.07%, Mozilla Suite - 0.52%, Opera - 0.49%
Browser usage for September 2005: IE - 88.46%, Firefox - 7.86%
By year-end 2005 8-10% of instant messages to be unsolicited
Chinese online game market to bring $250 mil in 2003
Chinese online game sales neraly doubled
ComScore: Paid content up
Content Delivery Services Expected to Grow at a Solid Pace
Corporate blogging exists in 4% of major US corporations
Corporate IM market shares: AOL leads the way
Craigslist facts: 19 countries, 99 cities, 5 mln postings a month
Craigslist facts: 2 bln monthly pageviews
Domain trade generated $14.2 mln in Q1 2006
E-books to generate $9.4 mln by 2010
Employees surf Internet for personal reasons 3.1 hours a week
Encyclopedia business ruined by Web, Encarta is the best selling software reference
Expirix: Auction performance
Females who support George Bush visit family and sports sites, females who support John Kerry visit finance and advice sites
Fewer than 2% of US Internet households pay for Internet video
Fewer women bet on sports in the UK
Firefox share climbs to 8.45% in February 2005
Flickr has 100,000,000 photos
For 81% of small businesses Web sites generated leads
For eating out online users head to Yahoo! and MSN
For streaming media, 33% stream music, 28% - online news
Free car giveaway increases traffic to by 800%
Gambling revenues to top $10 bln, poker revenues top top $2 bln
Germany leads the world in porn hosting
Global online video sales 2006-2010
Google is 40% of all referrals, Yahoo is 27%
Google reaches 42.2% of Internet audience, Yahoo - 38.8%
Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Ask Jeeves are top search engines
Impact of Internet on real estate market
Impulse: Teleconferencing on the rise
In 2 months NASA site received 6.5 bln hits
In 2005 33% of new online savings applications went to ING Direct
In 2006 only 43% of US kids and teens downloaded copyrighted content
In Japan and Korea at least 80% of all security trading is happening online
In July 2006 Firefox has 12.93% of global market share, IE - 83.05%
In March 2005 users spent 37.4% of their time on news sites, 17.8% on shopping, 40.3% on communication
In-Stat/MDR on prepaid Internet in the US
InsightExpress: Americans pay more bills online
Instant messaging use at work reaches 70%
IntelliSeek points to the most popular news items for blogs in 2004
Internet Explorer share slips to 90.3% in December 2004
Internet increasingly important for political news
Internet movie and TV show downloads to top $4 bln in 2011
Internet video services to generate $7 bln by 2010
Internet video services will generate $1.7 bln by 2010
Internet video streaming up 38.8% in 2006
Javelin Strategy: Online bill paying to save money
John Kerry's site slightly more visited than Bush's
Jupiter: Online banking to double
Jupiter: People hate personalization
Just 1% of online daters have less than average looks
Macromedia Flash market penetration
Mainstream audience for podcasts: males with 6+ years of Internet experience
Male Internet users 18-34 are ok with pop-ups
Media execs prefer subscription models to pay-per-use
Media sites most respected by bloggers
Micropayments to generate $11.5 bln in 2009
Micropayments to reach $1.8 bln by 2009
Microsoft still owns 88.79% of the Web browser market is the most user-friendly Fortune 100 site
MIT Media Lab blog survey
More than 25% of Web searches are local
More than 40% of Americans online get their political information online
More than 60% monitor their bank balances online
More than a third of all Web searches have 2 words
Most domain registrations by country in European Union
Most people use 2-word phrases when searching
Most popular IM terms in business
Most popular newspaper sites: NY Times, USA Today, Washington Post
Most popular sports sites
Most popular ways to find dates: friends, bars, online, work
Most popular Web sites among gays and lesbians: Google, Yahoo!, Amazon
Most quoted news sources in blogs: NYT, CNN, Washington Post, Yahoo! News
MSN Messenger overtakes AOL AIM and ICQ as top instant messenger delivers 30 mln video streams monthly
MySpace has 47.3 mln members visitors buy the most charcoal
NetCraft says 1&1 Internet is the leader in hosting business
Netflix owns 90% of online DVD rental market
New Zealand Internet users learn about new sites from friends, families, search engines
News sources most frequently quoted by blogs: Yahoo! News, NYT, CNN
Newspaper Web sites get 55.5 mln unique visitors a month
NewsStand readers on newspaper readers online
Nielsen surveys 37K users, comScore 1.5 mln for audience measurement
Nielsen: Top travel and automotive sites
Nielsen: US online banking up 80% over 2 years
North American online gaming market almost reached $1 bln
Number of new domains by registrars in the past 6 months
Number of online gamers to increase by 51% between 2006 and 2012 RSS feeds get 7.3 mln hits monthly
On election night Bush's site got 317K visitors, Kerry's - 306K
Online ad spending down, paid search drastically up
Online airfare shoppers visit 3.2 sites on average before buying
Online banking usage highest among 18-24 year olds
Online banking will grow 14% in next 5 years
Online classifieds sites generated $217 mln in Q3 2004
Online content market worth $1.1 bln in China, $93 mln in India
Online dating attracted $245.2 mln in Jan-Jun 2005
Online dating market to grow 19.4% in 2004
Online dating revenues to grow 9% in 2005
Online donations up 63% in 2004
Online entertainment services infrastructure to reach $4.1 bln by 2011
Online gambling generated $9.2 bln in 2004, driven mainly by poker
Online gambling reached $10.9 bln in 2005
Online game market generated $4.5 bln in 2006
Online game revenues reached $4.5 bln in 2006
Online job boards' revenues up 47% in Q3 2004, newspaper ads up 16%
Online map site shares: Yahoo! Maps - 41%, MapQuest - 33.4%, Google Maps - 9.45%
Online maps market: MapQuest - 71%, Yahoo! Maps - 32%, Google Maps - 25%
Online movie download market: iTunes - 67%, MovieFlix - 19%, CinemaNow - 9%
Online movie downloads make up 0.3% of movie rental industry
Online newspaper pageviews up 38% in March 2005
Online newspaper revenues up 36% in 2005
Online poker is a $1.4 bln industry
Online poker to reach $2.4 bln in 2005
Online publishers' revenues up 38.2% in 2003
Online vacation sales are inflexible
Only 17% of companies use Web analytics
Only 22% of US Internet users downloaded a full-length movie or TV show
Only 35% of Web users wishing to delete cookies know how to do it
Only 39% of Internet users view dating site users as desperate
Only 4% of users never checked site's privacy policy
Only 5% of mortgages will be obtained online in 2009
Only 55% of teens browse the Web successfully
Only 6% of teens post their firstname and lastname online
Only 7 of top 20 news domains belong to newspapers
OPA: Online dating up
Paid online content spending reached $2 bln in 2005
Paid video will peak in 2007 with $279 mln in revenues
Political and current events blogs get 43% of visits
Premium video to generate $277 bln by 2010
ProFlowers traffic up 156%, FTD up 106% before Valentine's Day
Radicati: Identity management finally a reality
Radicati: Web conferencing market
Real estate sites experience double-digit growth
Reports of child pornography online up 300%
Rich people more likely to delete cookies
Roughly 55,000 Web users pay for online storage, 500,000 users pay for .Mac
RSS users are 78% male, 48% Internet users, but 83% are not aware they are using RSS
RSS users make more money
Sales of .org domains in India up 31% in Q1-Q3 2005
Satisfaction with online banking up 5.5% compared to 2004 level
Sites visited by mobile Web surfers
South African online media attracts 3.5 mln readers monthly
Spending on online content reached $1.8 bln in 2004, up 14%
Streaming video and music to generate $27 bln by 2011
The 7 largest search engines on the web are...
Third of all new vehicles in 2012 to support Bluetooth
Time spent Republican and Democrat videos on YouTube
Top 10% of YouTube videos generate 79% of plays
Top blog sites: Blogspot, Livejournal, Typepad, Xanga
Top celebrities online daters hope to meet: Jennifer Aniston, Orlando Bloom
Top digital magazines: eWeek, Computer Weekly, Microsoft Certified Professional
Top gaming sites in October 2005: Yahoo! Games, Pogo, Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football
Top Lycos search term for 2003: KaZaa
Top movie sites: IMDB, MovieFone, Yahoo! Movies, NetFlix
Top news sites in September 2006: Yahoo! News, MSNBC, CNN
Top news sites: Yahoo! News, MSNBC, CNN, AOL News
Top online banking sites: Wachovia, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase
Top pages by load time
Top personals sites in North America, UK, France and Germany
Top registrars by new domains added between Sep 2005 and Feb 2006: GoDaddy, DirectNIC, eNom
Top RSS aggregators: My Yahoo! - 59.02%, Bloglines - 10.42%
Top TLDs: .com, .de, .net, .uk, .org
Top UK video sites in April 2007
Top US ISPs in 2003
Top US online banks: Wells Fargo, Citibank, Bank of America
Top video sites by the number of streams: MySpace, Yahoo!, YouTube
Top video sites by unique visitors: Yahoo!, MySpace, YouTube
Top video sites: MSN Video, YouTube, Google Video
Top Web annoyances: pop-ups, requiring extra software, dead links
Top widget companies: Slide, RockYou, PictureTrail, PhotoBucket
Top-growing nameservers in US, Germany, Canada, UK, China
Total number of US video uploaders is comparable to US online gamblers
Two-thirds of small business prefer online banking to offline
UK Internet users spend 43 minutes a week on gambling sites
US business publications earned $1.2 bln online in 2004
US online donations reached $3 bln in 2004
US social networking breakdown: MySpace - 85%, Facebook - 7%
US spending on digital content generated $987 mln in the first half of 2005
US spending on online content up 16% in the first half of 2005, music spedning up 45%
USA hosts 67.23% of generic TLDs
Video and music downloads generated $1.4 bln in sales in 2005
Video on demand to generate $12.6 bln by 2006
Video revenues to reach $36 bln in 2009, IPTV to grow at 24% a year
Video streaming market shares: WindowsMedia - 60%, Flash - 19%, Real Video - 10%
Video subscriptions to reach $4.5 bln in 2007
Web analytics to generate $275 mln in 2005
Web classifieds was a $2 bln industry in 2004
Web conferencing to reach $700 mln in 2004
Web usage among kids under 12 grows 36%
Web users spent 40.1% of time on communication, 38.7% on browsing content, 17% on e-commerce



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