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Apple Hates on Adobe; Adobe Bites Back!

If you have been wishing your iPhone, iPod, or the new iPad would have Flash, you aren't alone, despite what Apple would like you to think, people do in fact want Flash.

Here is a little bit of the action in case you missed out recently thanks to

Adobe shouts "you're killing the open web" and Apple fires back with "your code is crappy and your plugin is responsible for half of Mac crashes." Adobe responds to potential iPad users, "enjoy your blue Legos." Apple replies under their breath, "Agreed. Enjoy your blue Legos."

The best part is, despite Apple wanting people to think YOU DO NOT NEED/WANT FLASH, over 7 million iPhone and iPod Touch users attempted to download Adobe Flash from their device in December alone. Imagine how much that would balloon if every user who wanted Flash on their device tried to download it, even knowing they couldn't get it. That number would probably jump tenfold or more!

When more and more competitors get full Flash support, Apple is bound to give, let's hope they do.

Source via Downloadsquad



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