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Inmates Taunt Victims Using Facebook

On my drive in this morning, I was listening to Chris Moyles on BBC Radio 1 (ohhh yeah, hottest radio station on Sirius/XM Radio!), and they had a really interesting news story; at least 30 inmates in the UK were using Facebook to taunt their victims from inside jail! One prisoner wrote,

"I will be home one day and I can't wait to look into certain people's eyes and see the fear of me being there."
Holy... I can't imagine how terrifying it would be. Prisoners are allowed to use the internet for educational purposes and supposedly under very close supervision... so much for that. Thankfully Facebook has acted quickly and deleted those inmate's accounts.

I find it very interesting how social media sites are changing our world and connecting people. You don't have to know someone's e-mail to get a hold of them anymore, just their first or last name and go from there... Heck, 6-7 years ago, how on earth would someone in prison be able to taunt their victims from jail without directly calling them up? I've never even heard of that happening!

If someone bothers you on Facebook a lot and you don't know/like them, I'd recommend the Block feature. It basically makes you non-existent to that person and them to you (very handy for Ex's!).

Source via BBC Radio 1
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