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Becareful Where You Foursquare!

Although can be fun, it's important to be aware of it's potential risks... play it smart! My fiance turned me to this humorous site that made me realize the dangers of foursquare (and other location based services)

Please Rob Me is a site that aims to help people become more aware of the risks of location based services by showing when users leave their home. That's right, people can easily figure out of you are not home!

For example, "Tyson just left home, @ work now!" Ahh time to rob Tyson since he isn't home. Thanks for the heads up! Certainly anyone who knows you well probably knows your normal schedule anyhow, but this definitely makes it easier to find out when you aren't home.

So, if you are going to play, play it smart! Do not even include your home as a location, as that makes it even easier to find you, especially because it will display your house's location on a map for anyone to see... "12345 W. Holycow Empty House Lane. FreetoRobville, CA 90210"



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